Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Berlin Planen; Park Auf Dem Gleisdreieck

Arches under construction. 

Looking north east out of gleisdreieck u2 line (middle right on lower image). alley is located between lighted wall and railing and below.

berlin bunkers

A bunker built for the cold war at the Parkstrasse Ubahn station. the bunker is behind an ordinary door that people walk past everyday.

in the event of nuclear war, the concrete wall behind this panel would slide into place, effectively
turning the ubahn station into a bomb shelter

this type of architecture is analogous to my arm radios / electromagnetic waves. the bunkers are present in everyday life, yet, in order to be inhabited / perceived, they need to be modulated by an external force / structure. without war, the bunker lies dormant; without the body, antenna and architecture, electromagnetic waves remain below the surface of perception.

these bunkers serve as extensions of the u bahn beyond the immediately perceived city. bathrooms, morgues, tunnels, sleeping areas reach out into the void.

the wall vs. gleisdreieck
The Wall at Potsdamer Platz

map pieces from:

the wars vs. gleisedrieck

Berlin / Gleisdreieck 1940

Berlin / Gleisdreieck 1953

Berlin / Gleisdreieck 1989

Berlin / Gleisdreieck 2001

all images from:Berlin Planen; Park Auf Dem Gleisdreieck

Robert A. Stemmle's Gleisdreieck

A film about love... and trains.

Monday, November 15, 2010

site research photos

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


some vids from the gleisdreieck site featuring trains and radio arms:

train ride
radio boy


Back from Berlin. More posts 2 come. 4 now, some photos of night trains.

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